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    • We collect Jira feedback from various sources, and we evaluate what we've collected when planning our product roadmap. To understand how this piece of feedback will be reviewed, see our Implementation of New Features Policy.

      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Server. Using JIRA Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Update: Great news for everyone watching this issue and especially for those that that voted on the ability to Bulk Watch a list of issues... we are resolving this as FIXED!

      Two of our awesome JIRA Engineers took this request on in a ShipIt! project and we now bring it to you as part of the exciting JIRA 6.0 release (coming soon).

      Atlassian Status as of 15 November 2012

      Hi everyone,

      Thanks so much for your votes and comments on this issue.

      While we don't have plans to address this feature in the next 12 months, we are keeping this on our roadmap and plan to address it in the future, along with other bulk actions like JRA-13245.

      In the meantime, there are a number of possible solutions, including a plugin on the Atlassian Marketplace and several scripts offered by other customers in the comments below. Since these solutions are not available in JIRA OnDemand, we are keeping this in our roadmap and want to make sure all customers have access to a solution.

      While we will not be addressing this feature request in the next 12 months, we plan to resolve several other top voted feature requests in the next 12 months, including JRA-3821, JRA-1549, JRA-5783, and JRA-7659. And we have recently resolved both JRA-19083 and JRA-7686, two other highly voted feature requests.

      Thanks for your patience and we hope you appreciate our open approach to feature requests.


      JIRA Product Management
      brollins at atlassian dot com

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