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      We currently use Atlassian's entire suite of products and one of the really nice features in Bamboo are global variables. You can setup name:value pairs to be used in builds, etc.

      In JIRA, we house multiple projects that follow the same release timeline. Currently, we need to manually keep all of the versions in sync across projects. There is already a JIRA ticket in place to address that (JRA-2698).

      This ticket is nearly identical to the "Global Variables" request in Confluence (CONF-3999). In our business, we setup a custom dashboard for each version of our software that keys on various filters (Unresolved, All, Released, Priority, etc.). When we start on a new release, we have to go into each of the dozens of filters and manually change the fixVersion in the query.

      If we had a simple way to declare a global variable (e.g. $currentFixVersion), we would no longer need to update all of the filters each time we had a release.

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