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Fuzzy search does not cover '*some-word' types of searches


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      Hello Guys,

      Currently, you can perform a 'fuzzy' search in JIRA. The following query returns results with summary as 'win', 'winnings', 'winners' and so on.

      summary ~'win*'

      However, trying to follow the logic backwards, and having the 3 summaries above, the following produces an error:

      summary ~'*ngs'

      It should return the issue with summary 'winnings', but it returns the error:

      The text query '*ui01*' for field 'summary' is not allowed to start with '*'.

      Is there any way to implement this feature?

      Best Regards
      Thiago Prisco
      Atlassian Support

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            tfprisco Thiago Fagundes Prisco [Atlassian]
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