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Improvements to Issue Cloning feature, by optionally allowing user to move cloned issue to another project, link cloned issue and edit issue fields, before clicking "Create"



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      On behalf of a customer (Adam Nachman):

      I understand that the features technically all exist, but as you can see they are a little cumbersome to use. The current process is:

      1. Clone issue.
      2. Copy original issue number.
      3. Link new issue to old.
      4. Edit new issue.
      5. Move new issue to different project.

      Let me flesh out the process to make it clearer:

      1. Select "Clone and Link" from "More Actions" menu when viewing a single issue.
      2. Select "new issue depends on original".
      3. Check "move to project" and select new project.
      4. Select new issue type (i.e. was Epic, new is Story).
      5. Edit summary and/or description.
      6. Edit custom fields, such as "Story points" - which fields are available for editing at this point would be driven by a template, much like the template for the views in the Greenhopper plugin that we use.
      7. Click save.

      New issue will be cloned to the target project with a link to the original issue, with the changed fields as described above.

      This is especially useful when breaking an existing issue, story, feature or improvement up into subtasks or related stories and making the linking simpler to provide traceability.

      What was previously a 5 step process now becomes one.


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