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Add clustered databases as supported platforms for Jira



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      In Progress

      In Progress
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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Server. Using JIRA Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Original Description

      At the moment our supported platforms doc does not specify if we support clustered versions of supported databases, eg. Oracle RAC, MySQL Cluster, Postgres Cluster (pgpool) etc.

      While they might work with JIRA, we do not specifically test against them.

      Supporting clustered databases can be an attractive feature for Enterprise customers.

      Update as of Oct 17, 2017

      The PDF file downloaded from Server to Data Center: The Tipping Point states on page 28 that:

      In Data Center, it is required that the database be installed on its own node. If you so choose, clustered database technology is supported and recommended as it provides further resiliency to your system; although, a clustered database is not required. Data Center supports the same databases as our server offering but be sure to consult the supported platforms page to ensure that your preferred database technology and version are supported.

      This ticket and JIRA's Supported Platforms should be updated accordingly to be in line with that. It's not clear whether database clustering is officially supported for Data Center only and, if yes, starting from which version.


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