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Security Flexibility for Filter & Dashboard Sharing



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Server. Using JIRA Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Instead of being completely controlled by Global Permissions, the sharing of filters and dashboards could be controlled by a combination of permissions. This approach would provide some level of filter/dash sharing privileges to all users:

      • Share with project (ALL) - restricted to project admins (or controlled by new permission in the permission schemes) (anyone with global permission also can share at this level)
      • Share with project (by role) AND Share with group - user allowed to only share with roles to which they belong (implicit permission - no special permission, but add system parameter to turn feature on/off) (anyone with global permission also can share at this level)
      • Share with everyone - restricted to global permission only

      This approach would allow administrators of larger implementations to have more granular control over how users share filters without restricting users to not be able to collaborate. All the while, the current behavior can still be achieved by using the global permission. Whereas, today, it's an all-or-none approach.

      This item dovetails with JRA-9997 and JRA-19780.


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