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permission scheme administration improvements



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Server. Using JIRA Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Concerning permission scheme administration, we've got a proposal to relieve some stress of a jira admin

      Currently it's possible to copy an existing scheme. However, the new scheme is called "copy of ..." and contains the exact same groups as its ancestor (the original). Usually we want to copy a scheme but we want the same "kind" of groups in the new scheme but they have different names. An example.

      Suppose we've got a project called XXXX with its associated permission scheme XXXX.

      Permission scheme XXXX contains the following groups:

      • XXXX-users
      • XXXX-developers
      • XXXX-administrators

      We create a new project YYYY and want permission scheme YYYY. For this group YYYY we want the same groups as in scheme XXXX with different but analogous names.

      Scheme YYYY

      • YYYY-users
      • YYYY-developers
      • YYYY-administrators

      So, actually, these were a lot of words to ask only for a possibility to do a "find/replace" when copying a permission scheme. Automatically creating the new groups of the new scheme if they don't exist yet is yet another small thing to make the life of an admin a little less painful


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