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select email template per project


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      file this under the "per project customizations" header.

      The new notification scheme stuff is very sweet. Allows just about limitless flexibility when customizing who gets sent notifications.

      But, you can't customize what gets sent. The same template gets used in all cases.

      It's quite possible that for a given project (or set of projects) I want a completely different sort of email sent. Maybe I have some boilerplate text that I want included only for those projects. Or I want to limit the fields that get sent.

      One way of doing this would be to extend the NotificationType interface to include a way of giving the template for a given event type. So, in addition to having

      List getRecipients( ..)

      you'd have something like

      String getTemplate(String action)

      { .... }

      Then I could write my own notification scheme that did what I wanted.

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