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Issue link creation should fire an issue updated event


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      I'm doing some (significant) plugin work a our company (we do have an enterprise edition) to provide more functionality between linked issues. One of the key hassles I am facing however is that at current, there is no way to create a listener that can detect changes to an issue's linked status.

      Tracing through the JIRA source, it appears that this function is being deliberately muted as com.atlassian.jira.issue.link.DefaultIssueLinkManager.createChangeItem(GenericValue, ChangeItemBean, User) deliberately sets the created IssueUpdateBean.dispatchEvent to false.

      Unfortunately, doing this means that I need to manually detect changes in the linking status... a rather painful operation as I then need an extra service, which polls the links manager and attempts to find any changes. I researched, but was unable to find the reason for this IssueUpdateBean being muted.

      This is partially a request, partially a query... why has this functionality been implemented this way? Is there a better way than what I am doing (I really do hope so)... and are there any intentions to change this?

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