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Transforming wikimarkup in textarea into HTML (Email Notifications)


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      I attached the file issueresolved.vm, where I made the changes to view the custom field (Freetext with wiki renderer) 10150:

          <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"><td>
              <b>Analyse:</b> <br/>

      The custom field contains e.g. the following entry in wiki notation:

      Line 1: *bold text*
      Line 3: {{monospaced text}}

      The way it is implemented right now renders the following output:

      Line 1: *bold text* Line 3: { {monospaced text}}

      However, I want the output to be rendered ideally with the renderer configured for this field. If that does not work, I would also hardcode the wiki renderer. (As for my understanding, the wiki-text must somehow be translated to HTML, so that it is correctly inserted into the HTML eMail.

      Reference: http://confluence.atlassian.com/display/JIRA/Adding+Custom+Fields+to+Email

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