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jira administrator cannot share filters with all groups



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      After upgrading from 3.10 to 3.13 *a huge jump I know,
      I can no longer share filters with every group, only groups I am a member of.

      as an administrator I expect to be able to do this. I see this as a regression in the product
      As an administrator I also expect to be able to take over filters from users and delete them when necessary.

      Please do something to allow administrators more permissions and not take away rights.

      --To workaround this I am going to have either
      1. Add a new user to each group who is just used for creating filters
      The problem with this is that I project manage many dev groups and do not want to maintain numerous users and logins for my one jira system.
      2. Add myself to every group
      The problem with this is that the tech leads will see my assigned issues in their team counts which is not correct


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