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Ability to set the security level on a subtask



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      In our product development environment, we use JIRA to manage our product roadmap and release plans, as well as the bi-weekly scrums that developers are actively involved in. Typically, the roadmap and release plans are written in the language of the business domain, and the issues worked on in a scrum will break those issues down into technical jargon.

      One of the difficulties we have is that the development team may create 15-20 subtasks representing the detailed work they need to do to accomplish one of our release-level features. For the rest of our organization, however, these subtasks represent issues that are not understood and would rather not be known when reviewing our roadmaps, our version history, etc.

      The subtasks vastly outnumber the business features and really clog up the system for most users.

      Possible solution

      A natural solution would be to use security levels to hide the subtasks from all users except for the project roles that need to see them (development, QA, possibly Product Management).


      Existing workarounds are available (putting subtasks in separate versions, separate projects, lower priorities, etc.) but all of these are cumbersome at best and not very fool-proof..


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