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Sometimes the default Issue Type is not set correctly when creating an Issue.




      Under certain circumstances, the following behaviour is observed:
      When a user selects "Create new Issue", the project is correctly defaulted to the "currently selected" project, however the default issue type for this project is not set correctly.
      If the user now selects a different project, then the Issue type will be changed to the default correctly.

      Note that this seems to work mostly, but can be replicated with at least one customer's data.

      Steps to reproduce:

      (requires at least 2 projects with different Issue Type Schemes and different Issue Type defaults):

      • Create projectA, with IssueTypeSchemeA and default Issue Type TypeA, as well as, projectB, with IssueTypeSchemeB and default Issue Type TypeB
      • In a fresh user session, select ProjectA and then try to create an issue
        projectA and it's default issue type (typeA) will be selected on the create issue screen. go ahead and create an issue with this settings.
      • Then select another projectB, and go back to create issue screen.

      Expected Behaviour:

      The currently selected projectB will be selected in the Create issue screen, with it's own default IssueType TypeB

      Actual Behaviour:

      The currently selected projectB will be selected in the Create issue screen, but the Issue Type field will recall the last selected Issue Type in this session (which was selected when creating an issue under another project having a different IssueTypeScheme in this case TypeA).
      Except of course that typeA is not available in the IssueTypeScemeB, in which case it reverts back to ProjectB's default issue. type.


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