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Using a custom multi-picker field Notify Users throws exception


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    • 3.12.3
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      This bug is similar to bug JRA-13523.
      The issue is the user created a custom multi-user picker field. When this field is called an error is thrown.

      In JRA-13523 there is a custom multipicker field used. When assign all users is selected an error is thrown:

      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Value:  must be a collection. Type not allowed: class java.lang.String
      	at com.atlassian.jira.issue.customfields.impl.AbstractMultiCFType.getDefaultValue(AbstractMultiCFType.java:80)
      	at com.atlassian.jira.issue.fields.CustomFieldImpl.populateDefaults(CustomFieldImpl.java:463)

      In this case it is the same error but instead of ASSIGNING all users from the custom multi-picker field in this case it is NOTIFY all users.

      This was fixed in 3.12. I am thinking that a similar fix for JRA-13523 would also fix this problem. The fix was:
      The MultiUserCFType needs to override the getValueFromIssue(CustomField field, Issue issue) method to return a Set rather than a List.

      Or, we could make the UserCF a little more robust and make the following method able to handle more than just a Set:

      public Set getUsers(PermissionContext ctx, String customFieldId)
          if (ctx.getIssue() == null)
              throw new IllegalArgumentException("PermissionContext has no issue");
          Issue issue = ctx.getIssue();
          FieldManager fieldManager = ComponentManager.getInstance().getFieldManager();
          CustomField field = fieldManager.getCustomField(customFieldId);
          CustomFieldType type = field.getCustomFieldType();
          Object obj = type.getValueFromIssue(field, issue);
          Set users = new HashSet(1);
          if (obj != null)
              if (obj instanceof Set)
                  users = (Set) obj;
          return users;


      To reproduce using the customers backup:

      1. Create issue
      2. Go into the TIA ITR's project
      3. Issue Type IT Request

      The error is thrown.

            dushan@atlassian.com Dushan Hanuska [Atlassian]
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