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Ability to define a Issue Hierarchy


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      If JIRA would allow me to create an actual hierarchy of issues (not just sub-tasks, it should go down to sub-sub-sub-sub...tasks), then it will have everything I need for Requirements Management in JIRA

      The features I would need are:

      • ability to set "parent" issue when creating an issue
      • ability to view Project issues as a tree
      • automatic issue resolution when all child issues are resolved

      Example of issue hierarchy:

      + ROOT Issue (Type: User requirement): Manage Customers
      + Child Issue (Type: Technical Requirement): Ability to Create Customers
      + Child Issue (Type: Task): Dialog for entering customer data
      + Child Issue (Type: Task): Dialog for entering customer data
      + Child Issue (Type: Technical requirement): Edit Customers
      + Child Issue (Type: Technical requirement): Delete Customers

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