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[Bulk change] be able to do >1 bulk change selections at the same time



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Server. Using JIRA Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      USE CASE
      1. u have a bunch of issues to organize and u want to do that via bulk changes
      2. u make a selection of - lets say all open issues - resulting in a few hundred items
      3. some will be assigned to version 1.1 and others to 1.2 and then again there are some which are to be closed/refused

      u have go through the list of all issues thrice, one for each bulk operation for the version
      this is very counter productive as when u go through the list, u often have to look @ the issue and then decide
      when u are done with version 1.1 u probably have forgotten those issues that need to go into version 1.2 and hence have to rescan that list again

      WHEN u can do diff. bulk changes at the same time then u can open the same list N times and select there for each bulk operation the issues.

      currently i have to print out the list, make notes on paper as to what bulk change i need to do on a set of issues

      it would be even nicer to add a text field column to the bulk change view (named "bulk change tags" )instead of the check boxes. in this TB u can enter a space delimited list of tags which then define the set of issues for a specific bulk operation. for the example above:
      i enter either A, B, or R. where i have to remember that these tags stand for: A=V1.1, B=1.2, R- Refuse

      to expand the use case above:
      lets say i notice while scanning thru the tasks that i need to do for some of the task another bulk change, eg. set the component, then i could enter in that field: "A admin" where "admin" reminds me to set for these issues the Admin module while A still means that this issue goes to version 1.1

      the process to iterate through the respective bulk change tags could be like so:
      1. choose issues (has now the added text field instead of CBs)
      2. choose bulk operation tag
      this gives u the choice which of the issue sets u want to select for the first/next specific bulk operation
      the next steps remain unchanged by this concept, except for the last
      3. choose operation
      4. op. details
      5. Confirmation
      this step changes only in that regard that after completion u are returned to the page of "choose issues".
      this shows the initial view from step 1 but it has kept the state of the column "bulk change tags". the tag that got just completed has been removed though from all those issues.
      eg. when i just made the bulk change for A then the tag A is remove from all the TBs.
      however it could be an option on the confirmation page to either remove the tag for the just executed bulk op or leave it, as there are also cases that for the same set of issues u have to do >1 bulk ops.

      PS: i set the priority to critical as this would greatly boost management efficiency of issues in jira


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