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Searching on Text Field custom field does not return the expected result


      Steps to re-produce:

      1. Create a 'Text Field' custom field type
      2. Create 2 issues (e.g. TST-1 and TST-2) with the following value on custom field.

      Issue Key Value on 'Text Field' custom field
      TST-1 A-NA
      TST-2 B-NA

      3. Go to the Issue Navigator and perform a search by putting the 'A-NA' in the 'Text Field' custom field

      As a result, it returns both of the issues (TST-1 and TST-2). However, when I try to search by putting 'B-NA' in the 'Text Field' custom field, it only returns the TST-2.

      The problem seems to have disappeared when I changed the Indexing language (Administration -> Global Settings -> General Configuration) from 'english' to other language and performed a full re-index (Administration -> System -> Indexing).

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