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Notification scheme can set "Previous Assignee" and "Current Assignee"


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      A user request that should allow to configure "Previous Assignee" and "Current Assignee" in the notification scheme event. So that the administrator has the preference to send the notification to either one or both.

      Customer requests

      I can't see right off how to allow the current option and "turn off" one kind of notification, the notification scheme doesn't have anything like that. I do think that overloading this notification with two behaviors is a bug, not a feature, but that's up to you guys, I suppose. If it were up to me, I would fix this by revising the Current Assignee notification to notify the current assignee only, then add a Next Assignee or something similar to notify the user being assigned. That fits a lot better with your notification scheme architecture and makes a lot more sense than the current "feature."

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