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New german translation is "buggy" concerning Bulkchange


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      When you are doing a bulk change from the issue navigator, the new german translations uses terms, which are definitly very unusual for a native german speaker.

      Here are the worst ones für the area of bulk changes.

      1. On the last page of a bulk change process you have the options to cancel or to execute the changes. In German the "execute" button is named "Wiederholen", which means "repeat". I would propose changing the text on this button to "Bestätigen" (which means "confirm")

      2. When you chose, which action to take for the bulk change you can select "workflow actions", which are translated as "Übergangsvorgänge". This translation is a total "fanatsy-word", with no meaning. As the term "Workflow" is now translated as "Arbeitsablauf" in JIRA the translationen "Arbeitsablauf-Aktionen" would be much better as it would be at least consistent with the translation of "Workflow"

      3. On the Issue-Navigator the word "bulk change" is translated as "Mehrfaches Ändern", which means "Multiple Changes", which is not really wrong, but also not a very good translation. Better would be "Massenbearbeitung".

      Would be great if you would change it in the next minor release.

      Just as a warning I have just released JIRA 3.10.2 to the rest of our company and i expect a lot more translation-change-requests coming your way the next weeks.

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