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Search picker for components


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      In our project we have too many components for our different projects. Right now we are using jira version 3.6.2, but we are going to upgrade to 3.10.1.
      I was wondering if it is possible in the later Jira versions to have scroll down as it is in 3.6.2, but that you also can search on the component by typing as well?

      I was checking out the Release Notes for 3.10 (http://confluence.atlassian.com/display/JIRA/JIRA+3.10+Release+Notes#JIRA3.10ReleaseNotes-browsing) and read under the heading "Auto-complete user picker and issue picker".
      Is it possible to do something similar for components? (see attachment)
      When creating an issue, if you know the name of the component, why scroll down, when you can type in the first letters and pinpoint it out right away? It would be valuable timesaver for our customers and save some time for our developers as well.

      Thanks in advance!

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