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Issue Linking: need to filter out Link types by Issue Type



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      We are using several workflows and issue types with Jira to manage several processes like ChangeRequests, Escalations, HotFixes, Request for Enhancements, etc...
      Very often, links are created between different issue types. By example when a user needs to make a Link between an HotFix request and a ChangeRequest, the complete list of all possible Issue Link types are proposed, although most of them are not applicable. This leads to lot of confusion, and users are chosing the wrong link.

      The idea would be to filter out the Issue Links type list based on the Type of the current issue. By example, in a HotFix issue, only links starting from a HotFix would be proposed (taking the best between inward and outward, instead of listing both links which is also confusing).

      In term of configuration, the IssueLinks would contain two new fields: Source Type and Destination Type, proposing the list of Issue Types. The default value would be 'Any' to allow generic links and upward compability.


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