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Archiving too old closed issues


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      It should be nice to be able to archive very old resolved/closed issues automatically. What does it mean 'very old' should be configurable on per project basis. A very nice example is your own Jira: there are more than 11000 issues for project Jira and a lot of old/resolved/duplicated issues is returned as serach results and so on. Additionaly, there are many very old unresolved bugs, which are lost in huge amount of issues. The goal of suggested feature is to give more transparency for projec managers, developers and other users. There are some additional suggestions (maybe "usage rules") about this functionality:

      1. Only resolved issue can be archived.
      2. Archived issues are ignored in search results/filters by default.
      3. Issues can be archived manually.
      4. There is configurable "issue age treshold" for each project specifying how much time after last resolution of issue it will be archived. Maybe 2 years is a reasonable default.

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