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Add ability to customise 'Contact Administrators' screen



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Server. Using JIRA Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      The 'Contact Administrators' screen is useful, but lists all administrators 'equally'.

      In our organisation I am the primary administrator; and a couple of others also have admin rights for when I'm not available, or because they are trusted to do their own admin stuff for the projects they administer. Unfortunately they appear first in the list of administrators in the 'Contact Administrators' screen, and we have had a couple of incidents of users sending problem reports and requests to them; and these requests getting lost or delayed as a result.

      It would be useful for us if we could either set a 'Primary' administrator contact; and have that displayed prominently in the 'Contact Administrators' screen; or even to be able to set the text for that screen so that a custom (html?) message can be displayed giving a preferred contact method/user.
      Being able to suppress the 'full' list of administrators would be useful, but is not a priority for us. However, companies with a publicly visible Jira server might want to hide this list to 'channel' all support requests via a single point of contact (eg. a mail list).


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