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Enable cross-project filtering on special versions



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      While versions across projects are not related in Jira, even if they share the same name, there are special versions that do have the same semantics. It is these special versions that I need to be available in a filter that is specified across projects.
      Because we mark a version as released as soon as it is installed on a specific environment (included in the version naming convention), we want to search for unclosed issues that have been fixed on released versions, so that we can easily see what needs to be retested. The filter for released versions is necessary because it can take a few days before the solution for an issue (from then on marked as resolved) is really installed on the test environments.

      Special versions for affected version

      • Any
      • No Version
      • Released Versions
      • Unreleased Versions

      Special versions for fix version:

      • Any
      • No Fix Version
      • Unreleased Versions
      • Released Versions

      A comment of mine in JRA-1538 already talks about this improvement. However, I think it gets lost in the huge amount of information regarding JRA-1538, while this issue is not really the same, and I think the impact is a lot smaller.


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