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Implement user lockout mechanism to stop bruteforce login attacks


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      Hacker can try as many time he wants to login JIRA.

      You can build client, which sends username+password combinations as many time as you like.

      .. and if you have username, it is much easier to get in.

      Implementation ideas:
      1) Lock user after sequential X incorrect logins

      • X can be set by administrator
      • if admin's own username is locked, it should be possible to unlock from console
        2) Set IP to blacklist (unable to try login) after sequential Y incorrect logins
      • Y can be set by administrator
      • IP can be removed from Blacklist by admin and it also should be possible to do from console

      2) can be also done by using "bullet time" after sequential Z incorrect logins

      • when hacker has been tried Z times to login then login period will take time 10 times longer
      • when hacker has been tried 2*Z times to login then login period will take time 2*10 times longer
      • .. until Y is reached and IP is set to blacklist

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