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Add a permission to set wether or not project administrators should be allowed to edit role membership


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      I just installed Jira 3.7. I really like the new feature "project roles" because it simplifies the administration of groups.

      Another change (which comes with the "project roles" feature) is that the users who have the permission "administer project" automatically can manage the roles and therewith the users of the project. (I hope I am right. Please correct if not.) As the project administrator is able to add all users who are in the user base, I can't allow them to manage the users of the project. On the other way round I need an project administrator because he/she has to manage components and version on their own.

      Is there a way to restrict project administrators to "manage components/versions" or disable "user management" for them?

      I really hope that there's a way to do that. Otherwise I can't use the new feature "project roles".

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