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Cannot create notes:// hyperlinks in Description field using WIKI renderer




      WikiRenderer doesn't render [notes://] links. DefaultTextRenderer does. For details why, please see this comment below

      The documentation says I can create hyperlinks in the Description field, using WIKI markup, by surrounding my link with '[' and ']'. I would like to be able to create links to Notes documents, using the notes:// protocol, and this appears to have been addressed earlier at


      If I embed an http:// hyperlink, as above, it works. If I embed a [notes://] hyperlink, it doesn't.

      Curiously, it does appear to work in fields other than Description. If I put a [notes://] link in a comment, the link works. It also works if I generate a custom field of type URL and paste the notes:// hyperlink into that. The WIKI renderer is enabled for the Description field.

      • Here is a sample Description field entry:

        Here's a list of multiple jobs that need to be patched:

        Correct handling of bad blocks inside a read request
        Merged functional improvements from the trunk

      • What should happen is that the Notes references become hyperlinks.
      • What actually happens is that I get plain text

      Additional requested protocols to support

      From the comments, we have to add a support for these protocols too:

       As an idea - to make this pluggable, admin user can define JIRA-wide the list of supported protocol prefixes.


      • Use a text render (or an additional field with a text renderer), since the text renderer properly handles the links.
      • Use a browser plug-in in a user browsers, to replace certain protocol links with the real links.



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