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Control notifications for Cloned issues


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      Problem Definition

      Currently, when you clone an issue, the notifications for the 'Issue Created (System)' event are triggered. For teams that clone large number of issues, this can lead to excessive notifications.

      Suggested Solution

      Add an event in the notification settings for 'Issue Cloned (System)', so that this behavior can be controlled separately from 'Issue Created (System)' events.

      Why this is important

      Breaking out this setting from the 'Issue Created (System)' will allow for teams to focus on completely new issues and filter out noise from cloned issues.


      • You can disable the notifications for 'Issue Created (System)' but this will affect new issues as well and may not work for many teams.
      • You can create an email folder for all issues with 'Clone' prefix so that you do not see the emails in your main inbox.

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