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Quicksight Custom Fields


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      Currently, on AWS Quicksight, you can connect up your Jira account as a data source and it exports a raw export of a lot of the common fields found in Jira for reporting on. However, custom fields seem to be absent from this dataset. For instance, we have a simple custom field called Helpdesk, which is just a tickbox. I'd expect this just to pull through to the dataset as a flag, but as it is a custom field, it does not. I can understand that more complex custom fields, such as a Tag List, would be more difficult to pull through, as the data would either duplicate the rows for each entry or concatenate all the entries in one box, but a tickbox seems manageable to add to a dataset. Would there be any possibility of pulling through simple custom fields to Quicksight? This Helpdesk flag is vital for our reporting in Quicksight, as it differentiates our Helpdesk tickets that we'd like to report on from our other development tickets.


      Sorry if I haven't filed this under the correct Project ir Component/s. I wasn't sure where to file this ticket

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