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Add the ability to disable the annoying Smart Search functionality


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      User Story

      As a user of the Jira software
      I would like if I could permanently disable the Smart Search
      So it doesn't interfere with my searches


      The Smart Search function interferes with search quite often. I have NEVER found it helpful but instead is INFURIATINGLY frustrating. The point of software enhancements is to make our job easier, NOT require numerous actions every time one tries to do things.

      The term Task is a predominant term for our tickets however Jira ALWAYS assumes I want to search for tickets with the type Task. In order for me to search for tickets with Task in the query, it requires FIVE (5) steps.

      Here is an every day occurrence:

      1. Search for a ticket (e.g. "Task Graph resize")
      2. No results because it is search for "Graph Resize" and type="Task")
        • At this point the Smart querying activated. Run search without smart query popup appears
      3. Click the link to disable Smart Query
        • Nothing because the Type selector set to Task remains
      4. Clear the Type selector
      5. Type Task into the search text input

      This is the most annoying feature and I just wish that there was a preference to disable it.


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