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Attempting to set a new destination status for the create transition when editing a team managed workflow fails




      Issue Summary

      In team managed projects it is now possible to edit workflows. By default the create transition leads directly to the "to do" status. Should a user want to start in a new status, they are currently not able to change the workflow to start in some other status.
      Currently the error message presented to the end user indicates that the create transition must have a destination status that is in the To do status category. But it is behaving as if the create transition must have a destination of the To do status.  Which makes it confusing as to what the exact expected behavior here is.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a team managed project
      2. Go to Project settings -> Issue types
      3. choose edit workflow
      4. Create a new status in the status category called "to do" (in this case we called the status name "Waiting")
      5. Attempt to move the Create transition destination to the Waiting status

      Expected Results

      We expect that we can set issues to be created in the "Waiting" status because it is has a status category of "To do".
      Alternatively, if the actual requirement is that all newly created issues have to be in the 'To do' status, then the error message should state that instead of indicating that the 'status category' is invalid here (which it is not).

      Actual Results

      The create transition is not changed and instead an error is generated that explains issues must start in a status category of to do

      Right now, you can't edit this transition
      A newly created issue must start in the To do status category.


      Re-ordering them column seems to set things straight. In my case, had to do it on an opened Sprint to take effect.




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