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Ability to sort attachments in Strip View (Thumbnail) in New Issue View



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      In old issue view, the attachments in the Thumbnail are sorted. In the new issue view, Strip View attachment are not sorted and there is no options to sort them.

      Suggested Solution

      Ability to sort the attachment in Strip View

      Why This Is Important

      The strip view provides a small preview of the image attachment before
      opening it which has been very useful for determining which step to open.

      It seems the New Issue View has removed useful functionality that currently
      exists on the old view (attachment sorting on strip view).

      The list view is cumbersome and includes no image preview ahead of opening
      which means our users will always need to open 'image 1' and then navigate
      through all images to reach the one they could otherwise have skipped to
      using strip view.

      If each image on an issue represents a step to reproduce, not all users
      need to see all steps or not see all steps every time referencing an image
      whilst working on an issue.


      There is no workaround


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