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Ability to edit a variable created in a rule with an action



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      As an automation rule writer
      I want an action to edit a variable's value
      So I do not clear it every time by using Create Variable

      Acceptance criteria:

      • There are separate actions for Create Variable and Edit Variable
      • The action Edit Variable supports accessing any built-in or custom fields, and variables. Thus, Edit Variable can refer to itself, such as with concatenation.
      • The scope of the variable is clear and unambiguous, based upon the nesting level at which it Create Variable was called


      Business Value:
      It is unclear how variables work or their scope; specifically, there is no defined way to edit a variable's value. There is an article indicating that defining a variable earlier in a rule makes it available withing structures such as conditions or branches. However, the only available action is Create Variable, which appears to shadow and then replace the value for each usage.





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