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New Issue View does not support Screen sort order


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      When viewing an issue in the new issue view, the fields that show up are not sorted in the order that is presented in the screen that is being applied to the issue.

      In the old issue view, fields would be sorted in screen order. For fields that were in the right-hand side section (like dates and user-pickers) those would be sorted, then grouped by field type such that sorting would only be local to field types.

      Neither of these sorting schemes are followed by the new issue view.



      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a number of test custom fields to your instance of various types. The issue shows best with dates and user-pickers
      2. Create a screen and carefully set the order of the custom fields as desired
      3. Observe a ticket in the new issue view.
      4. (Optional) Change the order of the custom fields and observe the order in the New issue View.

      Expected Results

      The order of the fields on the screen will be reflected in the order shown on the issue view.

      Actual Results

      The fields will not follow the sorting that was set in the screen. The order will not change if you change the order on the screen




      No known workaround

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