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The option to enable or disable keyboard shortcuts isn't available anymore under the profile options



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      July 30, 2020: The ability to enable/disable keyboard shortcuts is now available to 100% of Jira Cloud customers.

      Hi everyone,

      Thank you all for your comments & feedback on this. My name's Matt and I'm one of the product managers in Jira Cloud. My team picked this problem up and have just started to roll out a feature that will allow users to enable/disable shortcuts at a per-user level.

      See the attached screenshot of what this will look like. We were constrained by time so we decided to put it into the keyboard shortcuts dialog for now. You can access the keyboard shortcuts dialog from:

      1. The Help  menu (in the top right of the navigation) and clicking 'Keyboard shortcuts'
      2. Or by using the existing shortcut to bring up the keyboard shortcuts dialog (Shift + ?). Note: If you disable the shortcuts, you won't be able to reopen the dialog via Shift + ?

      We believe this will address the problem and in the future, we will consider adding it inside the user profile page. 

      Kind regards,



      According to the following documentation page, to enable or disable keyboard shortcuts a user would need to access their profiles and under the User preferences section, select the pen icon

      However, when accessing the profile, the option isn't available anymore.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Navigate to your Jira Cloud site, click on your avatar (bottom left corner) and click on Profile
      2. In the Preferences section, click Edit (the pencil icon)

      Expected Results

      An option to enable or disable keyboard shortcuts should be available.

      Actual Results

      There's no such option available in the profile settings anymore.


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