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Improve behavior when multiple users edit same issue at same time



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      We have run into weird race conditions when multiple users are editing the same issue.

      For example:

      1. User 1 opens the Edit Issue dialog
      2. User 1 changes field A, leaving field B blank
      3. User 2 opens the Edit Issue dialog and changes field B
      4. User 2 presses Update
      5. User 1 presses Update

      The behavior we see is that field B will be reverted to a blank value, because User 1 did not have a value for field B when the Edit Issue dialog was initially opened.

      It seems like there could be two main approaches to improve this scenario:

      Option 1 - Merge Changes

      If the user does not change a field in the Edit Issue window, don't update that field.

      This would require knowing if a user changed the field, as there are legitimate cases to change a field from a value back to blank.

      Option 2 - Save ID/Locking

      Implement some sort of concurrency scheme that better handles multiple users working on the same issue.  A few ideas include:

      • Implement a "save id" concept, where you must get a unique token and return it when making change.  If you do not have the latest token, you get an error and have to reconcile the changes and submit again
      • Provide the ability to "lock" an issue and when the Edit window is open, other users cannot make changes.

      It seems like Option 1 could be implemented in a non-breaking way and would improve most cases like this.  Option 2 would likely be a breaking change to the APIs, but would provide much more control over how cases like this are handled.


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