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JIRA Cloud REST API /rest/api/latest/search?maxResults=1000 is returning only 100 results.



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      Status Update

      Hi everyone,

      Let me shed some light behind this issue.

      I confirm that the change of maxResults value for search API was intentional and it’s not a bug. We decided to reduce the maxResults value not only due to increased performance and memory impact on Jira but also after observing the volume of REST API requests that were unfinished because of timeout errors. Whilst we appreciate that the solution may not be ideal to the problem, and we keep investing into improving the performance of Jira searches, it was necessary to reduce the number of failed API requests without further delay.

      According to Atlassian REST API policy default and maximum sizes of paged data are not considered part of the API and may change without deprecation notice. But I completely understand the impact this change caused to REST API clients that relied on the anticipated value of 1000 results and I apologize for lack of prior communication.

      In principle, our recommended solution is to rely on pagination to retrieve the desired number of results in chunks for any API that supports startAt parameter. We also recommend that REST API clients systematically confirm maxResults value when making the requests to prevent disruptions whenever these limits change. That being said, we updated the related Knowledge Base article, which was inaccurately suggesting the default value of response results to be 1000.

      Regarding the problems for startAt offset above 1000 in combination with expanded changelog, we need to investigate them as separate issue (see JRACLOUD-67458).

      Thank you for your understanding.

      Eve Stankiewicz
      Jira Cloud Product Management


      JIRA Cloud REST API /rest/api/latest/search?maxResults=1000 is returning only 100 results.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Call to a REST API with maxResults = 1000

      Expected Results

      The API returns all issues until 1000 results.

      Actual Results

      The API returns only 100 results.


      This is impacting add-on dashboards and reporting.

      Changing maxResults Parameter for JIRA REST API.


      You can use the startAt parameter to get the other results (if more than 100 are returned). /search endpoint implements pagination api which can be used to retrieve all the required data


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