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Deleted JIRA Cloud users can't be added as Service Desk customers




      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Create a new User with username "test1" via JIRA User Management page.
      2. Assign user to an issue.
      3. Delete user via USER management
      4. Navigate to user assigned issue. The user name will appear in assignee with an x preceding the user name as inactive user should be.
      5. Navigate and search for the user with the toggle for active and inactive users on the user management page. User does NOT show up.
      6. Run a select statement on both the cwd_user and app_user and the user exist in both tables in the JIRA database. User does not exist in Crowd in cwd_user.
      7. Create Service Desk customer

      Expected Results:

      1. User would not be able to deleted from user management as user is assigned to an issue. It should generate an error that the user still has associations. According to our documentation https://confluence.atlassian.com/cloud/add-edit-and-remove-users-744721624.html the user should be deactivated and wouldn't be able to be deleted.
      2. If the user is able to be deleted it should not exist in the database after deletion in JIRA.

      Actual Results:
      The user data still exist in cwd_user and app_user and does not appear in the UI as inactive user though the assigned issue behavior of the user does seem still reflect the expected. This causes the inability to addd the user to service desk as a customer as an entry still exist for them in the database.

      Previously, deleting users with issues wasn't possible.

      If you try to add the deleted user in service desk as a customer you will get a user not found as the still exist in the database. I recreated this issue in my test instance. I was able to re-add the user in the user management page. I then un-assigned the issue from the user and deleted the user in the user management page again. The user still remained in the database. I initiated a manual sync as well: <instanceurl>/plugins/servlet/embedded-crowd/directories/list and the user still existed in the database.

      I recreated the user and changed the e-mail address to attempt a work around for the service desk invite customer "user not found" issue (due to existing entry in the database). The e-mail change took affect in Crowd just fine. However in JIRA it created another user with the same username and a different -email address.


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