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JQL filter for Webhooks doesn't work correctly when "Comment", "Worklog", "Attachment" or "IssueLink" related events are fired




      NOTE: This bug report is for JIRA Cloud. Using JIRA Server? See the corresponding bug report.

      Atlassian Update – 22 January 2018

      Hi everyone,

      Thank you for voting and commenting on this request. After taking into account actual usage of different webhook events and potential workarounds for restricting them, we decided to action in the following ways:

      1. We are splitting this collective request into separate issues - each for individual webhook event - in order to make it more clear what is the status of JQL support for each of webhook events respectively, and to give you opportunity to express demand for specific improvements. From now on you can refer to the following issues for JQL filtering of:
        1. Comment webhooks - JRACLOUD-68235
        2. Attachment webhooks - JRACLOUD-68594
        3. Worklog webhooks - JRACLOUD-68595
      2. Since December 2017, JQL filtering is available for Comment webhooks. For the remaining webhook events, it is still possible to restrict them by substituting variables in the webhook URL.
      3. We have updated Jira Cloud Webhooks documentation to make it more clear that JQL filtering is only supported for a subset of webhook events, and what those events are.
      4. As of January 2018 JQL filtering of Attachment, Worklog and Issue Link webhooks (as well as others not mentioned as JQL enabled in the documentation) is not supported, and that works by design. Therefore, adding such functionality is treaded as improvement suggestion in the newly created issues.
      5. At this moment we do not have plans to add JQL filtering for the remaining webhook events, but we can revisit that decision in the future.
      6. As a consequence of splitting the issue, and because the main use case was addressed, we’re closing as Fixed.

      We understand that your expectations expressed in this issue have not been fully addressed, but after balancing the value of competing priorities we’ve determined that focusing on Comment webhooks would provide the biggest value for Jira Cloud app developers. To that end, I hope you appreciate the transparency of this update.

      Eve Stankiewicz
      Product Manager, Jira Cloud Platform

      Original request description:


      JQL filter for Webhooks doesn't work correctly when the following related events are fired:

      • Comment
      • Worklog
      • attachment
      • issuelink

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create an webhook as follows
        • Issue related events
          • JQL: project = <PROJECTKEY>
          • Issue: created, updated
          • Issue link: created deleted
          • Comment: created, updated
          • Worklog: created,updated
          • Attachment: created, deleted
      2. Make a comment, log work, upload an attachment or link an issue in a project aside from the one which is specified with the JQL

      Expected Results

      The webhook shouldn't be fired.

      Actual Results

      The webhook was fired.


      When it comes to NOT "Comment" or "Worklog" related events (like creating issue, updating issue),
      the JQL filters the events correctly.


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