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      We use the Jira for project management and we adopt Category as "Customer".
      Now I need migrate our defects management from Bugzilla to Jira.

      In our process, components and versions are attributes of "products" (products are the systems resulting from our projects). In other words, we execute several projects to improve the same product!

      I think that we should not duplicate all the versions and components configurations for each new project of the same product...

      The subcomponents solution have the same problem... all structure (components/subcomponents) are exclusive to one unique project...

      I think that if the Jira had projects hierarchy, we can use the level 1 as product and project level 1.1 as project, with components reuse (as the Mantis tool can do). Or something like it.

      What's your current position about this issue JRA-12241?

      What solution do you indicate to my need?

      Thanks a lot!

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