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Improvements to search results during issue linking



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Cloud. Using JIRA Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      1. There is no reason to show the message “Showing 19 of XX matching issues” if the user cannot access the remaining (XX-19) issues. To give an example, if you typed in the name of a project in the search (Issue) field and received a message saying that you are seeing 19 of 50 issues, there is no way you can ever get to the remaining (hidden) 31 issues: if you add any additional characters to your search criteria the resulting record set is likely to change. Your “31” would change to something else ones the search criteria gets altered. Most of the time our users would not know what to type beyond the familiar project name unless they have a specific issue in mind.

      2. The History Search shows only the most recently accessed (by the user) issues. So, if the user has not touched an issue that he or she wants to link to it will not appear on that list. It would be great to give users an ability to search all available issues.

      This would be a very strong feature to complement the existing JIRA’s filtering functionality. I am quite sure there are other companies that would benefit from this performance improvement.


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