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Add issue summary popup when hovering over an issue key


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    • server: Enterprise Edition, Version: 3.13.5-#360 running standalone on Win2K (yes, Win2K, one of these days I will get a new lab computer), I forget JDK version but probably JRE 6u13. client: Firefox on WinXP.

      I like being able to link easily from one issue to another (e.g. TST-19036) – we evaluated FogBugz and they have a great feature which is that when you mouse over a link to another issue, after about 500 msec you get a small popup showing a summary of the linked issue. JIRA does show the summary, but in "tooltip" format with no other information, and you have to wait 3 seconds.

      This would be a great feature to be able to enable; anything that reduces having to navigate to another web page in favor of making information more transparently accessible, is a really good improvement in my book. Otherwise I can see myself jumping back and forth thinking "now what was that other issue again?" Ideally you could customize which fields would be displayed on a popup (e.g. like 1st 500 characters of description, last comment, etc.)

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