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Provide a custom field required without a "none" option on the resolve screen



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Cloud. Using JIRA Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Hello JIRA team,

      I want to have a custom field required without a "none" option on the resolve screen.
      These are the requirements of a custom field and all of them should be maintained at the same time
      1) The custom field to be required
      2) The custom field not to have a "none" option
      3) The custom field to be on the resolve screen
      4) The custom field to not effect submit screen or other screens which does not have this custom field

      If I make the custom field "required", then the submit screen does not allow me to make a transition without filling this required custom field although it belongs to the resolve screen.
      So, I downloaded the extension "Workflow Validator to require a field on a transition screen" and make the custom field "optional". The problem of transition is fixed but a "none" option appears for this field value on the resolve screen.

      Please help me

      Thanks and Best regards,

      Lerzan Sencer


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