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Modifying the position of a sub-task not working in Chrome with more columns


      If you have modified the columns displayed in the sub-tasks section of an issue, the page renders in Google Chrome making impossible to modify the issue's position.

      Steps to reproduce:

      • You need to modify the jira.table.cols.subtasks property (The columns to show when viewing sub-task issues in a table) and add the description field or other fields that will make that section grow in width.
      • Then when you have more than one sub-task, you can't use the UP and DOWN arrows to modify the position of sub-tasks in the list:

      If you open the Developer Tools, you can see that there is a <div> section causing the problem:

      Expected behavior:

      The sub-tasks section should not be overlapped with the sidebar so users can use the UP and DOWN arrows to change the sub-task position.


      • Reduce the fields chosen for jira.table.cols.subtasks on JIRA's Advanced Settings (Administration > General Configuration > Advance Settings). For more details, check this knowledge base article explaining how to modify it.
      • Use a different browser such as Firefox or Safari.

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