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Advanced Roadmaps mishandles deleted components in saved views



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      Issue Summary

      In Roadmaps, if the view is saved with grouping by a component, where one of the component groups includes a component that was deleted after the view is saved, Roadmaps will still operate that group like nothing happened, and does not tell the user there is a problem. It can also produce visual artifacts (like a blank mutliselect items) and still submit non-existing component IDs for new issues created in a plan.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Configure grouping by components in the view.
      2. For one of the groups, select multiple components.
      3. Save the view.
      4. In Jira delete one of the components mentioned in the component group in that roadmaps view.
      5. Open the plan again, and observe that Portfolio does not detect the fact that the component is not available anymore.
      6. Select the saved views, and try to add a new issue to the plan. Portfolio will prepopulate the components in new issues with those from the group, including the non-existing one.
      7. Observe that Portfolio creates multiselect items with blank names, since it cannot resolve the component name that was deleted, but still carries its ID in views.

      Expected Results

      Portfolio should explicitly tell the user that something is wrong, since one of the components names cannot be resolved.

      Actual Results

      Portfolio just carries on like nothing happened, producing visual artifacts.


      Either drop and recreate a component groups (if you know which group contains deleted component IDs), or just re-create the saved view to remove references to the deleted components.


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