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Create issue In Epic allows selection Of Initiatives as a child of the Epic



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      Similar to the behavior described in JSWSERVER-19785 where you are creating an issue in an epic the option for Epic is listed in the create dialogue but selecting the Epic fails as you cannot link an epic to an epic. However in this scenario the initiative hierarchy levels (the level above an epic per portfolio hierarchy configurations) is also listed in the create dialogue as an option to be created as the level below the epic, but contrary to the Epic behavior the Initiative can be mapped to the Epic as the parent, in turn causing additional errors such as the BUG JPOSERVER-2691 as a conflict occurs because the initiative cannot be both the parent and child of an Epic at the same time

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. make sure a hierarchical level above epic exists (initiative)
      2. Navigate to an existing Epic
      3. Use the "Create issue in epic" option

      Expected Results

      Only standard issue types that are not mapped to an initiative hierarchy are listed in the issue type field.

      Actual Results

      The Initiative issue types are listed as avaliable issue types, along with Epic, and the Initiative can be selected and created as a child of the Epic


      As the Initiative is considered a standard issue type but mapped to the higher hierarchy levels by portfolio the mappings would be possible if Portfolio was disabled, so an additional Expectation could be that a warning or error would occur when a initiative issue type is selected noting the issue types are invalid because of hierarchy configurations


      You can use the following JQL to identify issue in this state:

      issuetype = "initiative"  AND "Epic Link" is not EMPTY 

      perform Bulk Update to remove the Epic link


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