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Jira Portfolio version 3.X interface doest not show the issues' estimates as they are shown in the Jira user interface when the estimates are set to days in the Portfolio plan.




      Issue Summary

      The Jira application has time tracking settings to configure the number of days in a week and the number of hours in a day among other settings.
      The estimates for an issue can be set when the issue is created or updated and hence displayed in the Jira application as part of issue information.
      Portfolio for Jira also shows the estimates for each issue as part of a Portfolio plan.

      The old interface (Portfolio 2.x) matched the way the Jira application shows the issue estimates, however the Portfolio for Jira version 3.x (improved interface) does not display the issue estimates in the same way as before and does not consider the Jira time tracking settings either.

      This issue has been found in Jira Portfolio version 3.11 and 3.14, however it is expected than all Portfolio 3.x (improved interface) releases are affected.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Go to <HOST>:<PORT>/secure/admin/TimeTrackingAdming!default.jspa and check the Time Tracking setting in the Jira application. The defaults are set to:
        Number of working hours per day: 8
        Number of working days per week: 5
      2. Create an issue and set the Original and Remaining estimates to "5d".
      3. Create a Portfolio plan that will include the issue created in the previous step and check that it shows the expected estimates in days.
      4. <HOST>:<PORT>/secure/admin/TimeTrackingAdming!default.jspa and change the Time Tracking settings for "Number of working hours per day" to 5.
      5. Go back to the Portfolio plan and check how the estimates are shown.
      6. Check how the Jira issue displays the estimate fields after the change to the time tracking setting. It is now 1w 3d which does not match how the Portfolio version 3 (improved interface) shows the estimates in days (still shows 5).
      7. Finally, Check how this is shown in the old interface Portfolio 2.x by changing it the the plan's configuration. The old interface shows the estimates as the Jira application does.

      Actual Results

      The improved interface (Portfolio 3.x) does not match how the Jira application shows the estimates for issues and the new interface (JPO 3.x) does not match how estimates are shown in JPO V2.x .

      Expected Results

      Portfolio 3.x (improved interface) matches how estimates are shown in the Jira application as well as in the old interface (Portfolio 2.x).


      The only available workaround (at the time the bug was created) is to set the estimates column to hours in the plan configuration.


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