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Show Epic Status field in the Initiative Child Issues panel



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      Problem Definition

      It would be useful to see the "Epic Status" field of an epic present in the "Child issues" panel of an Initiative to clearly identify Epics that have been "marked as done" from the Board's epic panel as described here & here for a clear identifier of which child epics are complete and will not be displayed on the board, without having to dig into each child epic independently, as the Status and Epic status can have alternate values

      Suggested Solution

      Add Epic Status field in the Initiative Child Issues panel


      You can use the following Script injection via the announcement banner (Tested and verified against Jira 8.0 and 8.4 without error in test data) But this comes with a word of caution as script injection in this manner can trigger unforeseen errors in other locations in the system, so if you have any page loading errors after enabling this remove the script as part of the troubleshooting process.

      • Locate the Custom field ID for the epic status
        • navigate to Admin >> Issues >> Field Configurations >> Default Field Configuration locate the Epic Status field and select the Screens option for the field and the CustomField_ID value will be located in the URL for the screen setting page.
      • sourced and Modified from this script exe, Add the following script to the announcement banner, Noting that customfield_XXXX will be your epic status field ID:
        <script type='text/javascript'>
        AJS.$(document).ready(function() {
        AJS.$('#jpo-child-issues-web-panel .jpo-child-issue-table tr').each(function() {
          var $row = AJS.$(this);
          var issueKey = $row.find('td:first-child').text();
          AJS.$.getJSON(AJS.contextPath() + '/rest/api/latest/issue/' + issueKey, function(data){
                var epicStatus = data.fields.customfield_XXXX.value;
                if (epicStatus  == 'To Do') {
                    $row.append('<td class="jira-issue-status-lozenge aui-lozenge jira-issue-status-lozenge-blue jira-issue-status-lozenge-done aui-lozenge-subtle jira-issue-status-lozenge-max-width-medium">' + epicStatus + '</td>');
                  else if (epicStatus == 'In Progress') {
                    $row.append('<td class="jira-issue-status-lozenge aui-lozenge jira-issue-status-lozenge-yellow jira-issue-status-lozenge-done aui-lozenge-subtle jira-issue-status-lozenge-max-width-medium">' + epicStatus + '</td>');
                  else {
                    $row.append('<td class="jira-issue-status-lozenge aui-lozenge jira-issue-status-lozenge-green jira-issue-status-lozenge-done aui-lozenge-subtle jira-issue-status-lozenge-max-width-medium">' + epicStatus + '</td>');




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