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Target Start and Target End custom fields behave as though they were a day behind when searching in Issue Navigator





      Jira Portfolio issues may have a Target start and Target end date custom field. When querying against these custom fields in the Issue Navigator using either Basic or Advanced search using JQL, these fields do not behave as expected when compared to Jira's own Date Picker and Date Time Picker custom fields.

      Specifically, issues behave as though their Target start and Target end values are a day behind their actual value. Put it another way, issues are only returned in the Issue Navigator if queries which query against these two date fields successfully include a date range for the day prior to the actual value.


      • JIRA 7.4.2+
      • JIRA Portfolio 2.12.1

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Identify an issue which has either Target start or Target end set. For the sake of example, let's say that an issue has a Target start of 2018/03/15.
      2. In the issue navigator, attempt to search for this issue using any of the following JQL which we would expect would return the issue:
      • "Target start" >= '2018/03/15'
      • "Target start" = '2018/03/15'
      • "Target start" > '2018/03/14'

      Expected Results

      The issue in question would be returned in the results.

      Actual Results

      The issue is not returned in the results. The issue will only return for any of the following queries that would return as though the Target start was actually 2018/03/14.

      • "Target start" >= '2018/03/14'
      • "Target start" = '2018/03/14'
      • "Target start" <= '2018/03/14'


      Because the behavior is consistent in that the queries act as though the date were a day behind, JQL queries may safely be adjusted backwards a day to compensate.


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