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Selecting multi issues and reordering



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      Problem definition

      There needs to be a way to re-prioritize issues other than drag and drop. If there are 100 issues in the list this method is nearly impossible and very time-consuming.

      Suggested Solution

      In portfolio regardless of issue type you looking at, Epic, Story, or custom defined type. They show up in a backlog, ordered by RANK. When you have 100 issues to reorder dragging them around is painful and slow. The backlogs in JIRA have a right click function that allows you to move something to the top or bottom of the backlog without dragging. This would be a great start if this functionality was brought into Portfolio. Additionally the rank numbers on the right side, it would be awesome if I could just type over let say issue 99 and automatically move it to 5 and the whole list would reorder moving the current 5 to 6 and so on to make room for 99 to move to 5. this would be ideal.


      No (quick) workaround found.


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